Download Lineage: To My Femme Foremothers

Cover of Lineage: To My Femme Foremothers, With and After Minnie Bruce Pratt, Joan Nestle, Dorothy Allison and Amber Hollibaugh. Cover shows two floral strands surrounding the title.

This is a free zine, shared in gratitude. Thank you so much for reading it.

Credits: cover art and text divider by Sera Seah (@seraseah). This zine is set in Klinic Slab (body) and Alice (titles and footnotes). Klinic Slab is a Lost Type Co-op font; Alice was designed by Ksenia Erulevich and is licensed under an Open Font License.

Download The Queer Lonely Diaries

Title: The Queer Lonely Diaries. Subtitle: Friendship as a way of life, Community Care, Towards the abolition horizon. Illustration depicts an open window from the outside, with two potted plants on the window sill and ivy growing on the walls.

This is a free zine. Thank you so much for reading it. Robin Wall Kimmerer writes in Braiding Sweetgrass that in a gift economy, “whatever we have been given is supposed to be given away again”. If anything you read here moves you, feel free to pass it on.

Credits: cover art by the amazing Mint (@peppermintlines). This zine is set in Klinic Slab (body) and Dotties Chocolate Medium (titles), both of which are Lost Type Co-op fonts.