Thank you so much for your interest in my zine.

My penname is AN and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a white queer cis femme, and The Queer Lonely Diaries is my first zine. It’s also my first piece of public writing since coming out as an adult. It’s a collection of three interlinked essays written in the spring and summer of 2020. In the first, “The Queer Lonely Diaries”, I attempt to examine queer loneliness as a result of political and social structures, to explore my longing for community and for “friendship as a way of life”, and to make visible the processes by which I came to allow myself to have a voice and to write this zine. In the second, “Becoming Queer”, I retrace my steps and explore how I arrived at queerness relatively late in life, and how this process was shaped both by my life experiences and by my emerging politics. The final essay, “Attachment Femme”, deals with attachment trauma, femme praxis, care work, grief and shame, and with how transformative justice and abolitionist politics have become essential to my sense of livability.

This zine’s dedication reads, “To all my friends”; “to the queer artists, writers and thinkers whose work has helped me become”; and “to my Pleasure Activism group, who made this zine possible, and to adrienne maree brown for writing the book that brought us together”. I owe everything to the people who helped me get here, in ways both large and small. Thank you.

If you’re reading this, you have my gratitude too.

In solidarity and with care,